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To understand how Vibration Training can help with this it is important to firstly understand how we normally move. A voluntary stretch reflex is when you voluntarily move a limb or muscle by thinking about it (Walking, Running, Pushups etc...). This is done by sending a small electrical impulse from the brain via the C.N.S towards the muscle causing the fibers to twitch, and hence you have movement. An involuntary stretch reflex is when an outside force exerts itself on the C.N.S also causing the muscle to spasm (Myotatic Relex). A classic example of this is when you are struck just below the knee cap and your leg kicks up by itself. This same rule applies to Vibration Training.

By vibrating your C.N.S you can cause every muscle to twitch at whatever hertz rating (vibrations per seconds) the vibrations are set at. So if the vibrations are set at 20 Hz then your muscles will move 20 times a second. Your muscles are capable of moving up to 150 times per second quite safely.

Now your may have heard that muscles have memory, well they don't. Your brain has a memory but the same principal applies, once your muscles get used to moving at 50 times per second, the upper psychological limit of your top speed will be gone. That's what sports psychology is all about. Taking down the psychological barriers our own brain puts in the way of being the best. After just a few short training sessions on our machines, those barriers will be gone, helping you to move faster than you ever thought possible.

There is another aspect of speed that is never talked about in relation to sport because of its involuntary aspect. That is the activation of the white muscle cells that are used only for 'fight or flight' situations. Even the fastest athletes in the world can only ever hope to use 70% of their muscle fibers; the other 30% are made up of white muscle fibers (cells). These latent white muscle cells contain the ability to give their owner incredible speed and power, problem is they are only activated when the person feels threatened and reacts involuntarily in fighting off an attacker or running away. Traditional training methods cannot target these cells because of the speed needed to even try to move them. Vibration Training though, is an excellent way of activating these cells with the lowest frequency on any of these machines being 30Hz all the way up to 50Hz. This ensures 100% of your muscle fibers get activated. By using these 'fight or flight' fibers on a regular basis, then your body will be more likely to use them in a voluntary movement.


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