For up to date current research, go to this link and type in "vibration exercise".

Please note: Some of the research is contradictory. And the reason for this is most researchers in this science are either "fake experts" or just plain not that smart.

Common sense does not seem to be as common as we would like.

To give you an example, so you know we are not exaggerating ...

Over 200 research paper have been released to date where every single academic involved "forgot" to test the machines specifications first. ( actually testing the machines speed, amplitude and power ). They trusted the manufacturers of the machines only to find out later the manufacturers were lying.

This is itself a feat of stupidity As any engineer would tell you the machines should be tested unloaded ( no-one on the machine ) and loaded ( someone on the machine ). To see if there was any discrepancies. This simple idea would have shown up the manufacturers lies straight away.

On top of that, in 2004 it was publically announced by the founder of the IVTRB ( Lloyd Shaw ) what-is-the-ivtrb this was a serious issue that could scientifically invalidate years of research. Evidence was shown in court that the worlds largest manufacturer had falsified specification for marketing purposes.

Remember this is a health device we are talking about here. Something that in our opinion should have the most stringent guidelines.

This warning was completely disregarded by the scientific community involved, simply because Lloyd Shaw was "not an academic".

In 2010 a group of well known researchers concluded in a paper on recommendations that the machine should indeed be tested independently before any research is ever undertaken. The same people who rubbished the idea 6 years earlier.

To date , these academics ( in fact all those involved in every paper ) refuse to comment on the issue. Not one will explain how they all "forgot" something so important. And it has been suggested that some where given "grants" to NOT test the machines after the warning about fake specs were sent out.

Where does that leave you. The consumer trying to make sense of the research. Quite simply it means that any positives found in research should be multiplied by the quality of the machine.

If a cheaply made machine with idiot researchers managed to get a result. Then logic would suggest a better machine should give much better results. And this has indeed been the case.

At Vibra-Train we only have good quality machines. The first machines in the world to be independently tested under the guidelines Lloyd Shaw developed. So who are you going to trust to give you the best results ?

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