Sport Specific Training

1. Strength
2. Speed
3. Flexibility
4. Boosting Hormonal Profile

To understand what vibration training can do for the average athlete it is more important to understand what your body is capable of. We quite often forget that we are essentially primates with the potential for the same speed and strength all the other primates have. As an athlete it is important to look past our own egos and look at our bodies in the animal sense. There are three main areas that any athlete has to understand and master to become the best; Sports psychology, Nutrition and Physiology (the body).

In this website we will only talk about the physiological aspects of what you can expect to achieve by adding Vibration Training to your 'tool bag' of sports training. The theory behind how Vibration Training actually works on the human body is still up for debate, but one thing is certain, IT WORKS!

Vibration Training has been researched for over 20 years now with all the reports released pointing to the same conclusion, its safe and effective. The Sports section of this website is split into 4 parts;

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