4. Boosting Hormonal Profile

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2. Speed
3. Flexibility
4. Boosting Hormonal Profile

Everything your body goes through in a 24 hour period is recorded via a small electrical impulse that is sent to the brain where this information is stored. Now there are two parts to your sleeping pattern, R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) and deep sleep. Think of R.E.M as your healing sleep and deep sleep as your battery recharge. R.E.M sleep is what we want to know about, as this is when all the important stuff happens. In the brain we have the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary gland. Think of these as your control centers. They help record the information you send to the brain and activate when you are asleep. Only in R.E.M can these glands do their job properly, with whatever information you have sent to them.

Exercise tells your brain to produce relevant hormones to repair and strengthen your body. Vibration Training will significantly boost your hormone profile through the sheer intensity of the signals being processed by the brain.


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