What is Vibra-Train?

Vibra-Train is the completed idea of Vibration Training, a science that has been in development for over 100 years. Over the years it has been shown to positively effect the human body in a number of ways from body fat percentage reduction, muscle tone, reducing cellulite, bone health, blood and lymphatic circulation and joint mobility; even anti-aging hormones. Vibration Training's most popular use is for people who want a toned body but do not have the time to spend hours in the gym. It has been shown to be most effective done on a real machine with a well thought out program which includes exercise poses, stretches and massages and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Why Vibra-Train?

Vibra-Train is not just a brand name but a system of the highest quality machines ever built combined with the most successful programs ever used. This entire system was designed for the world's first Commercial Vibration Training studio chain and is capturing the world's attention from the results their users are getting. Vibra-Train managed to do this because the world's best experts only work for them and lead the way in this technology.

Do I have to already be a gym type person to use Vibra-Train?

No. When you come to Vibra-Train you will be shown exactly what to do every step of the way. You do not have to know anything about how to work out your body. The system was designed for people who are short on time but want perfection so everything is accounted for. The program is precise and never wastes a second of your time. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

Vibra-Train is not a cheap copy of the real thing or a mass manufactured replica, this is the real thing.

Vibra-Train is so exclusive the machines can not be purchased by the public. You can only ever access a real Vibra-Train machine under the supervision of a Vibra-Train instructor.

How does Vibra-Train work on Body Fat Reduction and Increased Muscle Tone?

Vibra-Train gets its results by using a carefully selected range of poses that are held on the platform for short periods of time (usually 1 minute). The combination of poses and the Vibra-Train platform engage the muscles using the exact same reactions you used as a child to play on a jungle gym or catch a ball. The reasons these reactions are so good to use for workouts are:

1. They burn up lots of energy in very short periods of time. This reduces the amount of fat you have stored around your body.

2. They truly push your muscles to fatigue quickly so higher quality muscle can be built the next day. This small and tightly packed high quality muscle burns fat all day and night, even when sitting still.

3. You do not have to be fit or strong to do this kind of workout. Yes it does take some effort but determination is the only determining factor. No age or fitness barriers to have to worry about.

How does Vibra-Train help reduce cellulite?

The deep tissue massage pose done on the high quality platform breaks up cellulite physically and creates hyper-circulation within the skin. This allows the energy stored within the fat cells to be released and used up like it is meant to be. That is where the workout poses come into play as these burn up lots of energy in short bursts.

How does Vibra-Train help with bone health?

We are all told by health professionals "use it or lose it". Well bone is very susceptible to getting weak if no strain or load is placed on it on a regular basis. Vibra-Train fixes this issue in a very special way and that is by putting very controlled stimulation into every bone your body has; leaving no area weak and unused. Vibra-Train also helps stimulate bone marrow which is a very important part of your overall health with it being responsible for creating new cells in the body.

Vibra-Train and increased circulation of blood and the lymphatic system

These could technically be called side effects of Vibra-Train because it is impossible to not increase the circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid when using all the body's muscles on a Vibra-Train machine. This is undeniable to even the first time user of Vibra-Train as it is something you can see and feel.

Considering how important good blood circulation is to people's health and how the lymphatic system is so interlinked with the immune system, I think it would be fair to say the importance of these positive effects could never be overstated.

Joint mobility

Vibra-Train keeps the joints, ligaments and synovial fluid moving; with people often reporting instant effects on stiff joints. Things like sitting all day can cause all kinds of joint issues and even back problems. Vibra-Train is a safe and quick way to activate all your joints and spine within a very short period of time. The program has been developed to not cause wear and tear on already stressed bodies, so injuries can be worked around by our expert staff.

Anti-aging hormones

These are a range of hormones the body produces to make new cells. But most of the time these will only be produced when the body is put through a good workout as a way of speeding up recovery and preparing your body for the next workout. The problem is only a special type of workout will have this effect which is usually about an hour of strict resistance training (weight training). The simple fact is most people do not have the time to do this. Vibra-Train offers another way to replicate this kind of workout and hence help slow down the aging process - In only 15 minutes.

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons you would want to do Vibra-Train. Come to us knowing you are helping your body get fit, toned and stay healthy in a number of scientific ways.

Vibra-Train is not just a brand, it is an exclusive, new way of thinking. Be a part of it.

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